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.beef jerky.

Sometimes we care so much about certain people that we want to take care of them a lot, that we literally would stand before them to defend them from anything harmful.

(Or in this case, just plain jerks.)

It’s just that, sometimes, perhaps these people do not expect us, outsiders, to come to their rescue. Because, maybe, there is nothing to be rescued anyway. And maybe they’re not that fragile anyway and the thoughts of us wanting to come and help would, somehow, sound insulting.

It is not an easy task for me to just watch from around the corner, restraining myself from being too involved. But sometimes, maybe the way to show these people that we care is by taking care of their feelings. We don’t need to play heroes, because in situations like this, everyone is their own heroes.

So, here I am, standing from afar. Please note that I am not going to bug you every so often, but still, will be here to listen and, perhaps, to help.

That is only if you asked me to.

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