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.You Are My Sunshine.

This song reminds me of my childhood.

So, last night I taught my girl to sing this song. She was familiar with it, so it didn’t take much time for her to chime in.

We clapped, danced and sang on top of our lungs. Quite happily.

At the end of the day, she asked me to sing that song as her lullaby.

Yesterday was probably tiring for both hubby and baby, that they were fast asleep.

And there I was, humming the song in loop, over and over, until it brought me to the thought of Ste’s phenomenal blog.  The unforgettable Day 10.

In a split second, I wondered how just a song could have such complicated impact to your feelings. One moment it was a classic mother-daughter happy time, then it all shattered by a thought of somebody else’s scattered heart.

I stopped humming right after. Blinked back the tears three times, then kissed both foreheads of my loved ones.

They slept so peacefully, they probably didn’t even hear when I whispered: “You never know, dear, how much I love you..

But I really hope God was there, listening when I looked up to the ceiling, saying, “Please don’t take my sunshines away..

8 thoughts on “.You Are My Sunshine.

  1. It’s the same song I always sing to my loved one as well smiwh :’)
    Hope both your sunshines will be there with you a long long time, and may you be their sunshine too

  2. gue suka banget lagu ini, dan nike ada satu tv ad nya pake lagu ini, dengan effect yang sungguh haunting.. huhuhuhu sayang lagu itu dibikin khusus buat iklan itu doang, jadi sampe sekarang gak jelas siapa yg bikin dan bisa di download dimana *nangis*

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