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.gombal cool.

You know, boys…

You can actually write a love letter using The Beatles’ Song Titles (taken from here). And voilà, instant anak-band coolness that makes your target go gaga.

Here’s an example. Try to make your own! Don’t cheat, you shall only use the song titles ONLY. Haha.. 😀

Good Day Sunshine | Day Tripper,

 Do You Want to Know a Secret? |

 Back in the U.S.S.R, | Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby.

 Eleanor Rigby | Dizzy Miss Lizzy | Long Tall Sally | Penny Lane | Michelle …

 This Boy | Act Naturally | Till There Was You.

 Girl | Free as a Bird .

 I’m In Love | How Do You Do It?

 I Want To Tell You | I Want To Hold Your Hand | I Wanna Be Your Man | Gotta Get You Into My Life.

 If You’ve Got Trouble | I’ll Be On My Way | Searching | Across The Universe.

 I’m Happy Just To Dance With You…

 Two Of Us | Watching Rainbows….

 Like Dreamers Do.

 Don’t Let Me Down | Don’t Ever Change | Don’t Pass Me By.

 I’m Talking About You | Here There And Everywhere. | It’s All Too Much.

 Ask Me Why? | It’s Only Love | From Me To You | Let It Be.

 Martha My Dear, | You Really Got a Hold on Me. | Your Mother Should Know | You’ll Be Mine.

 Think For Yourself | Things We Said Today | Yesterday | The Night Before…

 That Means A Lot! | Thank You Girl…

 With A Little Help From My Friends | That’ll Be The Day …..

 A Day In The Life…

 A Beginning…..

 One And One Is Two…..

 I Feel Fine | Because | Baby, It’s You.


Love Of The Loved,

Johnny B. Goode

P.S : I Love You

I actually feel somewhat cooler because of this post. Hahahaa.. 😀

Ayo coba yaaa! 😀

13 thoughts on “.gombal cool.

  1. Dan pasti perempuan yang dirayu langsung guling guling naksir seketika pas baca tu surat, sampai dia melihat nama ‘Michelle’ dan ‘Martha’ muncul di paragraf yang berbeda, sedangkan nama dia DINA.

    ….Ini pelajaran berharga wahai laki-laki : TELITILAH sebelum copy paste sesukanya! *iklan layanan masyarakat ini dipersembahkan oleh perempuan yang sebenernya mau juga dikirimin begonoan asalkan Michelle dan Martha diganti namanya.:D

    1. itulah kenapa gw bilang harus pake judul lagunya DOANG gak boleh ditambah katakata lain, supaya hreatip. hahahaha..

      anyway, kamu silakan caricari lagu The Beatles atau siapa pun yang berjudul “And I Try” dan mengklaim itu tentangmu.. 😀


  2. Pun bisa jadi drama ala sinetron Raam Punjabi… hiihihihihihihi…

    [A]: Martha My Dear | Do You Want To Know A Secret | I’m So Tired

    [B]: Tell Me Why?

    [A]: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby | Clarabella | Julia | Maggie Mae | Michelle

    [B]: Oh! Darling | I Just Don’t Understand

    [A]: Lovely Rita | She Came Through My Bathroom Window | She Said She Said | “You Know What To Do” | Young Blood | Act Naturally |

    [B]: What You’re Doing?

    [A]: Two of Us | Twist & Shout | And I Love Her | Halleluyah, I Love Her So |

    [B]: Bad Boy | I Should Have Known Better

    [A]: Martha My Dear | Don’t Bother Me | I Got A Woman | I Don’t Want To See You Again

    [B]: Bad Boy | Bad To Me | Run For Your Life *ke dapur, ambil piso daging*

    [A]: Martha My Dear | Slow Down | You Can’t Do That | Wait | Honey Don’t | Help!

    ….Bad Boy | Flying | From a Window | Free as a Bird |

    The End

    Yiuuk mareee kembali bekerja…. *buka excel lagi*


      😆 😆 😆

      Ngakakkkkk abis gueeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

      Ayo yang lain ikutaaaaaaaan!!!!!

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