.why i wish i could replay my college days…..


… because I miss my college days much more than high school days.

Because I want to relive all the fun, the silly inside jokes, the sleepovers, the doubts, the cries, the sleepless nights, the joy, the laughter, the happiness, the group hugs, the secrets, the scents, the scenes, the stressful papers and exams, the food, the concerts, those plays, the events, the laid-back friends, the songs, the outfits, the movies, the parties, the unforgettable surprise parties, the trips, all the familiarities, every single detail of all the memories…

And, most of all, because I want to see how we were, long before we fell in love…..🙂

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  1. Sama euy…… saat-saat dimana punya kendaraan sendiri (baca: motor) untuk pcicilan ke tempat-tempat nun jauh disana😀.

    Regarding how we were, long before we fell in love….. looks like someone who looks for something so unreal, yet we believe that it is out there😀

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