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Yes or No?



5 thoughts on “.bisnissekianmilyardotcom.

  1. a definite NO.

    simply because it’s an MLM

    it’s practically a business with none (or atleast useless) product being traded, which makes it more of a money game

    which means you’d be putting the burden of your target onto somebody else’s back (unfortunately often times they’re your friend) with ridiculous amount and percentage of “business” shares.

    moreover the idea of a > 30% royalty paid to the founder per transaction just don’t fit my general economic principles

    btw thanks petitepoppies for stopping by to our blog!
    warmest regards,


  2. NO..

    ini semacam arisan berantai gitu loh. kalo jaman dulu yah, ngirimnya pake pos. kalo sekarang, udah canggih gini lewat internet. hehehe.

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