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Currently, I have a set of he and she, one more set of younger he and she, a little he, one more on the line…..

….. and another he that fits and completes the picture.


I love them. A LOT.

Wouldn’t trade them for the world. Wouldn’t want them any other way.

Thank You, Lord.


4 thoughts on “.paket.

  1. aku tau aku tau!
    pasti mama papanya, kakaknya + indikakaknya + nagacu + adenya nagacu, sama satu lagi si calon suami kan.. hihi..

    senang baca blognya poppies, jd bisa nebak deh 🙂

  2. hweueueueeheheh.. buat yang terakhir, amiiin. hehehe..

    aaahh.. kamu hebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt… siapakah namamu? hahahaha.. salaman dulu ah! makasih banyak yah udah baca blog saya! 😀

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